Shades of Sherlock

(This site is no longer functioning.)

This site contains pdf files of the fan-magazine, Shades of Sherlock, published by the scion society The Three Students Plus starting in 1966 through 1972.

Click on the tab SOS Issues to download the issues.

A variety of duplicating machines was used for producing the issues. This was well before the days of desk-top publishing and laser printers, and the production quality is sometimes shockingly low.

The early issues were produced on a spirit duplicating machine (sometimes called a ditto machine) purchased from a thrift shop for ten dollars. These issues have purple ink on white paper.  In normal use, a spirit duplicator can produce up to about thirty copies.  Sometimes we stretched this to many more copies!   Other issues were produced on an A.B.Dick model 90 mimeograph machine purchased from the same thrift shop. These issues have smudgy black ink on a variety of paper. Mimeograph machines can print hundreds of copies, and sometimes we printed the traditional 221 copies of an issue.

The pdf files of the issues were made by scanning the paper copies with a flat-bed scanner and then using Photoshop to improve the image quality. Sometimes, even with improvements, the results are poor. The images were then imported into Adobe Acrobat to create the complete issue.

Download any issues that interest you and save them to your hard disk. There are no long-range plans for this site, and it may vanish without notice.

Baker Street Collecting was a short-lived publication created by Gayle Lang and printed along with Shades of Sherlock using the same ex-Savlation Army ditto machine. Issues were mailed along with issues of SOS.